Public Safety



Residents feel safe in the Near Westside.

Indicators of Success and Baseline

  • 25% more residents feel safer according to public safety survey
  • Increase the current number of residents from 6 to 50 over the next four years who will work together to deter crime
  • Expand the Public Safety Committee from 2 to 5 neighborhoods

Story Behind the Numbers

It is a known fact that “run down” neighborhoods attract criminal activities. The dark side of crime-infested neighborhoods is that residents are often too frightened to even report illegal activities, much less try to deter it themselves. Intimidation and retribution can become a way of life. The Near Westside has been diligent about fighting this blight in their area, both with the support of the newly merged Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in partnership with the Weed and Seed Initiative, and through individual efforts. From 2005 to 2006, homicide has dropped by 18%; armed robbery has decreased by almost 26%; aggravated assault has decreased by 22%; and forced burglary entry decreased by 27%. However, rape has increased by almost 79%; burglaries in general have increased by over 33%, and attempted armed robbery increased by 11%. A Public Safety Task Force that is resident driven has been established to address serious crime in each of the five neighborhoods through education and prevention strategies. The Near Westside is involved in a developmental process to engage all five neighborhoods and many more residents in deterring criminal activities.

  One Response to “Public Safety”

  1. How often do you update your information on Public Safety? It seems like some of these issues would have decreased by now.

Public Safety Goal Updates

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