Stringtown Neighborhood


Welcome to the Stringtown Neighborhood.

Stringtown Neighborhood Association is a newly established neighborhood association as of March 2010. The Stringtown Neighborhood Association boundaries are Michigan Street to railroad track south of Washington Street, Belmont Avenue to White River Parkway.

For an association to represent the entire neighborhood, everyone needs to be able to learn what is happening. This has been a challenge, but we are learning how to do this better. Some partnering organizations, like the Near West Side Collaborative and Common Ground Christian Ministries are allow-ing us to “piggy back” on their mailings to the neighborhood to get the word out to everyone of what is happening.

Currently, we have elected interim officers to lead the neighborhood asso-ciation until elections are completed.
If you are apart of this community and want to see improvement in this neighborhood we encourage you to at-tend our monthly meetings and let your voice be heard.

Current Community Involvement

– Saturday food distribution
– Wednesday community meal
– English As a Second Language classes
– National Night Out location
– Community center
– Meeting location
– Financial assistance to neighborhood

2011 Plans

-Reach out to entire neighborhood
-Increase neighborhood buy-in, starting with:
-Crime Watch
-Regular mailings (carrier route saturation mailings)

Come out and join us at our monthly neighborhood meetings at The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House. For additional information contact Guy Swenson at 317-313-1544.

Latest Neighborhood Posts

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